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Do you want the right diagnosis and care if you get seriously ill?

Unika Specialist Care Global+, from 162kr
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Why do we need our insurance?

The quality of Swedish healthcare is high, but not always sufficient. Occasionally long queues and patients who do not receive the care they actually need. We believe that high quality care should be available to many, not few. If you want to feel extra secure and have access to world-leading healthcare if you should suffer a serious illness, then our insurance may be for you.

1/3 suffer from Cancer

With our insurance, you get access to world-leading healthcare if you or someone in your family should be affected.

A second opinion on your diagnosis

If you or someone in your family is suffering from a serious illness, the questions are many. One of them is if you have been diagnosed correctly. Specialist Care Global gives you a second opinion on your diagnosis, which is reviewed by world-leading specialists, who either confirm your diagnosis or give a different view of the matter. Thereafter, treatment is included in the leading hospitals in the world.

53,000 world-leading doctors

is part of the network of leading specialists that you can access through our insurance so that you get the best care available to you.

World-class healthcare

Specialist Care Global is an insurance that covers medical treatment of critical illnesses. If you have been diagnosed with a serious critical illness, the questions are many. With our insurance you get access to care abroad from some of the world's leading specialists in areas such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

One of the reasons we chose to partner with Further is to give you access to world-class medical advice and treatment. Further has a proven result of meeting all medical needs, from extremely complex surgeries to advanced treatments offered only by selected foreign medical operators.

Further and its founding team of experienced insurance and medical managers have over 50 years of combined experience in the insurance industry and a presence in over 30 countries spanning three continents. Further is responsible for organizing and financing treatment services abroad, as well as for organizing the receipt of a second medical opinion.

Specialist Care Global

Tranquility when you do not need it, access to world-leading healthcare if you need it:

  • World class Cancer treatment
  • Coronary Surgery
  • Replacement or repair of heart valve
  • Neurosurgery
  • Organ transplant from living donor
  • Bone marrow transplantation

No geographical or economic barriers

You do not have to worry about money as costs for treatment, travel and accommodation are covered. You also get SEK 1000 a day when you are in the hospital and paid medicine back home in Sweden.

Covered up to 20 million
  • Total maximum compensation is SEK 10 million per injury and a maximum of SEK 20 million per person and lifetime.
  • Travel and accommodation for you and your relatives.
  • Medical costs in Sweden for necessary treatment up to SEK 500,000.
  • Daily compensation for hospital stays of SEK 1,000 per day for up to 60 days.
  • No deductible.
  • No curing period.

How does it work?

Contact Us

If you have been diagnosed with a serious critical illness covered by your insurance, all you need to do is call us.

Medical experts

We then compile a list of the leading medical experts in the world who will confirm or re-evaluate your diagnosis and recommend the best treatment available in the world to you.

Best international hospital

We find the best international hospitals and organize everything you need to get the best treatment possible.

Choose if you want to bring someone with you

Choose the person you want to bring with you, if the patient is a child, both parents can go. We take care of booking of flights and accommodation and secure a place at the chosen hospital.

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