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Frequently asked questions

Who are Unika Försäkringar?

Unika Försäkringar is an insurance intermediary based in Stockholm. Our goal is for as many people as possible to have access to the best possible care if you become seriously ill, without any geographical or financial obstacles. We work with a number of partners to offer affordable insurance that creates added value for both individuals and companies.

What do I do if I get a serious illness?

If you have been diagnosed with a serious illness covered by your insurance, please contact us on telephone number 0770 175 777 and we will ensure that the treatment of your injury begins. You can also reach us at kundservice@unikaforsakringar.se

What does the insurance cover?

With Unika's specialist health insurance you will have access to world-leading specialists for advice and treatment if you suffer any of the serious illnesses covered by your insurance. You are covered, among other things, for hospital care, surgery, samples and medical analyzes, counseling, transfusions and paid medicine both during treatment but even if it is needed after returning home. You do not have to think about travel and accommodation costs as we take care of these, this also applies to a friend or relative you want to bring with you. If the patient is a child, both parents may go. You will find detailed information and also the exception that insurance has in the insurance terms.

How much am I covered for?

The total insurance amount is SEK 10 million per injury per year, and a maximum of SEK 20 million per person and lifetime. During your time in hospitals abroad you will receive SEK 1000 per day for up to 60 days per injury if the treatment is proposed by Further. If additional medication is needed at home, you will also receive paid medicine in Sweden up to a maximum of SEK 500,000 per lifetime. See terms for more detailed information and for exceptions.

How does Unika's specialist health insurance differ from other health insurance?

Whether you have health insurance in private or through work, it usually gives you access to quick care within Sweden and in some cases abroad. Depending on which policy you have, in some cases a second opinion is also included. It differs from policy to policy so it can be good to investigate what applies to you, no matter what, Unika's specialist health insurance can be a very good complement.

Our insurance is about choice and to access world-leading healthcare when you need it most. The insurance guarantees that no matter what, the patient will not be limited by either geographical or financial barriers to getting the right treatment.

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